Online Remixing , Vocal Comping & Drum Programming

Mal Holmes OMD - Online Remixing, Vocal Comping and Drum Programming

Online Remixing

A remix is a great way of adding an extra song to your new EP, Single or Album release. Online Remixing makes it easy to get the track to you fast! If you have been thinking about a new or alternative mix for your latest track, then send it to me and we’ll discuss what we could do with it.

Vocal Comping

Sometimes you can’t see the wood for trees when it comes to a great Vocal Performance. It’s probably the most important thing in the song. Send me your vocal takes and I’ll comp the very best performance from them. I’ll also level and tune the vocal if required.

Drum Programming

Well ……….. Let me loose and I’ll give you a killer groove.

If you would like to know more about what I have to offer you can listen here on Soundcloud, or don’t hesitate to drop me a line through the Contact Page.