12 Cool Drummers T-shirts

I couldn’t resist a few cool drummers t-shirts. They’re nearly as good as the 150,000 drummers jokes which are out there. My favourite being “What do you call a drummer without a girlfriend ? ….. Homeless !”

I’ve always loved that one.

Anyway … All of these shirts made me laugh when I 1st saw them, it’s a drummer thing I suppose.

If you’re a drummer in the biggest band in the world or a drummer who likes to get loud with friends in a rehearsal room, we’ve got great design drumming design options for both men and women to choose from. Show off your grooving skills and wear your drummer’s T-shirt with pride. Drums are the best, they’re dedicated, on time and generally just ….. well cooler than other muso’s.

Here’s 12 cool t-shirt ideas for the drummer in your life, including the classic ‘I prefer the drummer’ t-shirt.

All of them any drum lover would to wear, I’m sure.


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